With bodycare formulas featuring thoughtfully-sourced ingredients from indigenous fruits and floral extracts, and beautifully bold shades of uplifting nail lacquer, Twila True Beauty embraces each woman’s individuality and inspires connection to self.

Twila True Beauty Story

Inspired by a wealth of native cultural influences, bold colors, and precious natural resources of the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation, Twila True Beauty products were created to unite Twila’s passion for philanthropy and beauty - a brand that helps people to look and feel good, knowing a portion of every purchase helps to benefit the True Sioux Hope Foundation.

Created with custom blends of natural oils like avocado, coconut, argan and, grapeseed to botanical extracts of rosemary, plum ,and orchid, the skin is deeply nourished, protected and moisturized. We created an exclusive antioxidant-rich True Power Complex -- infused with native plum seed oil to protect skin from environmental stresses. Native wild plum seed extract protects and restores the skin’s integrity and our bold shades of nail lacquer are a testament to the rich and colorful culture of the Lakota Sioux Tribe, igniting empowerment for all to be confident in their individuality.

The alignment of mind, soul, heart, and body brings harmony to our lives and balance to our days. Opening our minds and elevating our thoughts leads to new possibilities and energizing transformations. Our bodies are intimately connected to the earth...to the mind...and to the soul. It’s important to treat our bodies well.